Our personal trainers offer a very flexible service

Our personal trainers are flexible about where and when you want to train, and what you want to focus on.

We lease the modern, and private gym at Leicester Grammar School in Great Glen for our personal training clients who wish to train away from home and in an air conditioned environment. We generally lease the gym every Monday and Wednesday evening, Saturday mornings and some other evenings to suit.

Some clients prefer to train in their own home, garden or vicinity and here we can work with you from 5am to 9pm Monday to Friday and at certain times across the weekend to suit.

We offer training for one and up to a group of four people together, for 45 mins to an hour, or longer if you are in training for a long distance event. With our schedule of classes that runs alongside our personal training (PT) service, many of our clients can increase their weekly exercise either through more PT or by joining their choice of classes.

We have been training clients across Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire since 2010

Over 50% of our clients have been with our personal trainers for 4+ years, which reflects a hugely positive renewal rate and a big vote of confidence in our ability to help clients achieve their goals and targets.

Our personal trainers all work with individuals and groups to achieve weight loss, tone and strengthening and to improve all round fitness at all ages.

We also have personal trainers who specialise in Pilates to build core strength and tackle lower back issues, trainers who will train you to successfully complete half and full marathons either for the first time, or to improve speed and achieve new personal best times.

We have worked with clients needing post operative rehabilitation and with conditions including MS, ME, cancer and diabetes.

We can also provide nutritional support and relevant food plans where needed.

Our main aim is to help clients set tangible and achievable goals, and to build training and/or dietary plans that work flexibly around their lifestyle, work and personal demands.

Please look at our testimonials to see first hand how just a few of our clients feel about the service we provide.

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