Legs, bums and tums fitness class in South Leicester

A large group personal training session, shaping and strengthening all major muscle groups


Calories / class

What Is Legs, bums and tums?

Legs, bums and tums (LBT) is probably one of the most widely recognised fitness classes in existence, but I would describe this Legs, bums and tums class as a large group personal training session. It focusses on the major muscles of the legs – quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors and abductors, the glutes and the abdominals, with guest appearances every week from the arms and shoulders ! Each muscle session is broken up by heart rate raising cardio bursts.

Each week is slightly different in content and focus to keep your exercise and experience fresh and to keep your body on its toes not knowing exactly what to expect. We use steps and weights to combine cardio and resistance work throughout the session.

This class can be really tough and perfect for beginners – with high or low benches, different weights and levels of exertion. We will adapt it and advise you what to do if you are starting out. Ages range from 12 to 70 and we have both men, women and whole families working out together ! There is impact in the class so if you have any knee or back issues – again we can adapt the class. Just let us know at the beginning.

Why do Legs, bums and tums?

From the age of 22 your body starts to age, and exercise that combines weight bearing work and cardio work like this class, can halt this decline and help maintain muscle density, bone density, joint and core strength. Working intensively on your abdominals and glutes strengthens the core and provides much greater back support as well as a great shape.

If you’re in it for the tone and weight loss then somewhere between 350 and 550 calories will be burnt per session (yes, we’ve counted!) and many clients have observed their clothes fitting better and their legs and core looking  trimmer and slimmer.

Class Times

6.40pm – 7.40pm
Leicester Grammar School
Instructor: Cathy

9.30am – 10.30am
Langton Community Hall
Instructor: Cathy

These are very busy classes.

Pre-booking is adviseable.