How to join in

Bootcamps are extra sessions that supplement our regular Kettlercise | Kettlebells and Legs Bums and Tums classes. Bootcamps run during the summer months,

We run bootcamps as a supplement to our regular classes when the nights are lighter, and one of the our personal trainers are more likely to find capacity in their week.

If bootcamps are your thing then please text Cathy on 07711 149727 and ask to receive the weekly Monday class schedule which will give you any of these additional classes that we can run. If the weather is completely inappropriate then we will bring the bootcamp in from the Leicester Grammar School fields and into the gym in the sports hall. We always meet in the gym and feel free to arrive a few minutes earlier and use the gym to warm up.

What our bootcamps involve

Bootcamp combines cardio training, with shuttle runs, skipping, intervals and hill running, alongside resistance work with weight and bodyweight exercises. The session will always include a progressive dynamic warm up and a full stretch off.

Once again these sessions will always be run by a fully qualified and insured personal trainer, so if you are just starting out, are recovering from injury or a medical condition, or need a really tough workout, then we can adapt the session for you, as long as you flag us before class.

Why do bootcamps?

If you spend most of your day in the home or in the office, it is widely documented that getting out into the fresh air and natural light significantly relieves pressure and stress, aids good sleep and makes us feel more upbeat and positive. So we will always endeavour to go outside. If that isn’t possible then a gym bootcamp will consist of a personal trainer led circuit session round the gym combining fixed machines, free weights and cardio work.

All of our classes and personal training can be booked and run at your place of work if you are looking to engage your people or colleagues. Bootcamps are one of our most popular corporate wellness requirements.

Class Times


Gym Bootcamp

6.30am – 7.30am
Leicester Grammar School
Instructor: Grace

Weightloss Bootcamp

7.30am – 8.30am
Leicester Grammar School
Instructor: Grace


Outdoor Bootcamp
9am – 10am
Leicester Grammar School
Instructor: Grace

Weightloss Bootcamp
10.15am – 11.15am
Leicester Grammar School
Instructor: Grace

If bootcamps are your thing

Text Cathy on 07711 145237

With your name and ask to receive the weekly Monday class schedule

This will include any of the additional classes that we run